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South Dakota 4-H Members Participate in 2017 Western National Roundup

Brookings, S.D. - Twenty-one South Dakota 4-H members represented the state, competing along with more than 1000 youth from more than 33 states including Alberta, Canada attended the Western National Roundup January 4-7, 2018 in Denver, Colorado.

The trip from South Dakota to Denver was sponsored and funded by the Livestock Industry 4-H Trust Fund.

More about Western National Roundup

The Conference, now in its 98th year, is held annually in early January, coinciding with the National Western Stock Show. This year's theme of "Unmask the Superhero in YOU" is aimed at helping participants gain confidence to help them create unique experiences for both themselves and others and thrive in their self-defined future through 4-H and FFA.

Both 4-H and FFA members between the ages of 14 and 19 have the opportunity to qualify for Roundup by winning their home state's contest or being chosen as a state delegate. The competitions held at Western National Roundup include horse and livestock judging, livestock quiz bowl, hippology, horse demonstrations and public speaking, parliamentary procedure, family consumer sciences presentations, skill-a-thon, and bowl, consumer decision making, public speaking prepared and impromptu, parliamentary procedure, and meats identification. 

Workshops are offered throughout the week which provide a learning experience for the youth exposing them to topics ranging from fitness and nutrition, to communication and team building, to dance and leadership development. Youth participants develop a mastery of their respective subject matters, but more importantly, gain life-long skills. Such skills as public speaking, professionalism, and good sportsmanship along with the memories and new friendships will outlast the trophies and ribbons that were won.

For further information about Western National Roundup and full results for each contest, please see the main conference website at

2018 Western National Roundup Results

Livestock Judging Team Members: Sawyer Naasz, Brule County; Hunter Miller, Deuel County; Jadee Mattheis, Hutchinson County; Mitchell Vander Wal, Spink County

Overall Individual

  • Hunter Miller - 14th
  • Mitchell Vander Wal - 39th
  • Jadee Mattheis - 43rd
  • Sawyer Naasz - 56th

Beef Individual

  • Mitchell VanderWal - 13th
  • Sawyer Naasz - 21st
  • Hunter Miller - 47th
  • Jadee Mattheis - 50th

Goats Individual

  • Hunter Miller - 15th
  • Sawyer Naasz - 19th
  • Jadee Mattheis - 48th
  • Mitchell Vander Wal - 67th

Sheep Individuals

  • Hunter Miller - 6th
  • Jadee Mattheis - 45th
  • Sawyer Naasz - 68th
  • Mitchell Vander Wal - 96th

Swine Individuals

  • Hunter Miller, 18th
  • Mitchell Vander Wal - 30th
  • Jadee Mattheis - 40th
  • Sawyer Naasz - 88th

Reasons Individuals

  • Jadee Mattheis - 39th
  • Hunter Miller - 40th
  • Mitchell Vander Wal - 45th
  • Sawyer Naasz - 46th

Team Results

  • Overall - 10th
  • Beef - 9th
  • Goats - 6th
  • Sheep - 11th
  • Swine - 8th
  • Reasons - 15th

Horse Classic

Horse Classic High Point State - 5th

Horse Judging - Onlytop 20 Individuals Recognized in Awards

Team Members: Cassandra Townsend, Brown County; Adrianne Schaunaman, Brown County; Callie Mueller, Codington County; Jessica Mueller, Minnehaha County

Overall Individual 

  • Cassandra Townsend - 12th
  • Adrianne Schaunaman - 14th
  • Callie Mueller - 15th

Individual Halter

  • Cassandra Townsend - 12th
  • Callie Mueller - 18th

Individual Performance

  • Adrianne Schaunaman - 8th
  • Cassandra Townsend - 11th
  • Callie Mueller - 17th

Individual Reasons

  • Cassandra Townsend - 16th
  • Adrianne Schaunaman - 18th

Team Results

  • Overall - 4th
  • Halter - 6th
  • Performance - 3rd
  • Reasons - 5th

HippologyTeam Members: (Only top 10 Individuals Recognized in Awards) Dani Holm, Minnehaha; Hannah Buchmann, Minnehaha County; Jami Bergeson, McCook County; Samantha Bergeson, McCook County


  • Samantha Bergeson - 8th
  • Jami Bergeson - 11th - Tied for 9th


  • Overall - 9th
  • Team Exam/Slides - 7th
  • Team Stations - 9th
  • Team Judging - 4th
  • Team Problem - 10th

Horse Bowl Team Members: Blayne Martinez, Hutchinson County; Hunter Haberman, Hutchinson County; Justin Edelman, Hutchinson County; Lexy Leischner, Hutchinson County

  • Hunter Haberman, Hutchinson County - 11th - Tied for 10th


  • Overall - 4th

Horse Demonstration

  • Sarah Vos, Pennington County - 2nd

Consumer Decision Making Team Members: Bridger Gordon, Butte/Lawrence County; Danika Gordon, Butte/Lawrence County; Collin Hockenbary, Butte/Lawrence County; Layla Hockenbary, Butte/Lawrence County

Overall Individual

  • Collin Hockenbary - 20th
  • Bridger Gordon - 22nd
  • Danika Gordon - 24th
  • Layla Hockenbary- 29th

Individual Class Placing

  • Collin Hockenbary - 20th
  • Bridger Gordon - 21st
  • Danika Gordon - 25th
  • Layla Hockenbary - 28th

Individual Reasons -

  • Danika Gordon - 15th
  • Bridger Gordon - 16th
  • Collin Hockenbary - 19th
  • Layla Hockenbary - 30th


  • Overall - 8th
  • Class Placings - 7th
  • Reasons - 6th
  • Group Think - 6th

More about South Dakota 4-H

SDSU Extension's 4-H Youth Development Program is a partnership of federal (USDA), state (Land Grant University), and county resources through youth outreach activities of SDSU Extension. Youth learn and experience Leadership, Health and Wellness, Science and Ag-Vocacy through a network of professional staff and volunteers reaching more than 9,000 enrolled members with yearly programming efforts to an additional 35,000 youth participants.

To learn more, contact your local SDSU Extension 4-H Youth Program Advisor.

South Dakota 4-Hers who competed include the following:

group of South Dakota students
2018 South Dakota Western National Roundup Delegation

Courtesy photo
First Row - Mysty Schaunaman, Jessica Mueller, Samantha Bergeson, Jami Bergeson, Cassandra Townsend and Lexy Leischner
Row 2 - Amanda Stade, Jill Haberman, Sarah Vos, Layla Hockenbary, Jadee Mattheis, Danika Gordon, and Blayne Martinez
Row 3 - Dallas Vos, Amber Erickson, Sawyer Naasz, Hannah Buchmann, Jamie Hockenbary, Adrianne Schaunaman, Callie Mueller, and Hunter Haberman
Row 4 - Melissa Ullerich, Dani Holm, Mitchell Vander Wal, Hunter Miller, Collin Hockenbary, Justin Edelman, and Bridger Gordon

a photo of the SDSU Horse Judging Team
Horse Judging Team includes: Mysty Schaunaman (coach), Jessica Mueller, Adrianne Schaunaman, Cassandra Townsend and Callie Mueller.
a photo of the SDSU Livestock Judging team
Livestock Judging Team Members: Jadee Mattheis, Hutchinson County; Sawyer Naasz, Brule County; Mitchell Vander Wal, Spink County and Hunter Miller., Deuel County the team was coached by Amber Erickson and John Keimig.
a photo of the SDSU Hippology Team
Hippology Team Members: Hannah Buchmann, Minnehaha County; Jami Bergeson, McCook County; Samantha Bergeson, McCook County; and Dani Holm, Minnehaha County.
a photo of the SDSU Horse Quiz Bowl team members
Horse Bowl Team Members: Lexy Leischner, Hutchinson County; Justin Edelman, Hutchinson County; Blayne Martinez, Hutchinson County; Hunter Haberman, Hutchinson County; and Jill Haberman (coach).
a photo of Sarah Vos
Horse Demonstration: Sarah Vos, Pennington County and she was coached by Dallas Vos.
 photo of Consumer Decision Making team
Consumer Decision Making team includes: (left to right): Danika Gordon, Layla Hockenbary, Jamie Hockenbary (coach), Collin Hockenbary and Bridger Gordon.