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Rosebud Water Resources Office Enlists Mesonet at SDState to Monitor Weather and Water Cycle

December 18, 2018

Brookings, S.D. - The Rosebud Sioux Tribe Water Resources Office has partnered with the Mesonet at SDState, South Dakota State University's statewide weather network to install a new weather station near Rosebud.

The station was installed last month to improve monitoring of the water cycle on Rosebud tribal lands.

Live Weather

The station provides live weather reports and forecasts accessible to the public at the Rosebud page on the Mesonet website. Updated every five minutes, the station monitors temperature, humidity, sunshine, pressure, rain, wind, soil temperature and soil moisture.

"This station really steps up the level of weather available to residents in the area," said Nathan Edwards, Mesonet Manager at South Dakota State University.

Water Cycle

The primary mission of the station, however, is to monitor the water cycle. The special sensors that the station has allow the calculation of the amount of water lost through evaporation and by plants. The rain gauge measures how that water is replaced by rainfall. Soil moisture sensors track the storage of water and its percolation to the water table below. Careful analysis of all these variables will allow the tribe's Water Resources Office to monitor recharge of the Ogallala aquifer.

"The data gathered from the Mesonet will play critical role in the management of water resources on Rosebud Reservation," said Syed Huq, Director of the Water Resources Office.

Rosebud Water Resources Office and Mesonet at SDState

The installation of the Rosebud Mesonet station was supported by Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) funding. Rosebud Sioux Tribe Water Resources Office is entrusted to assess, evaluate, monitor, develop and protect the surface water and ground water on reservation lands.

The Mesonet consists of 27 locally-supported stations across the state that are maintained by South Dakota State University.