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Jason Clark is New SDSU Extension Soil Fertility Specialist

December 18, 2018

BROOKINGS, S.D. - Unanswered questions led Jason Clark to pursue a Ph.D. in land and atmospheric sciences with an emphasis in soil fertility and plant nutrition.

"I wanted to know more about how field management practices were impacting the soil and its ability to provide nutrients to the crop," explained Clark, who received his Ph.D. in 2018 from the University of Minnesota.

Through his new role as an SDSU Extension soil fertility specialist, Clark will help South Dakotans answer questions related to soil fertility.

"Soil fertility is essential to sustainably growing crops and raising livestock. It is also essential to supporting the families who raise these crops and livestock and to sustain a healthy environment for the long term," Clark said.

Clark is currently updating the state's nitrogen recommendations for corn and conducting research that is working on identifying the timing and rate of fertilizer applications that optimize crop yield and reduce potential loss due to rainfall.

"Jason's research experience and enthusiasm for helping South Dakotans improve their soil's health and bottom line is impressive," said Alvaro Garcia, SDSU Extension agriculture and natural resources program director & professor.

More about Jason Clark

Growing up on his family's crop and dairy farm in Utah, Clark developed a close connection to the soil and its role in production agriculture. He also gained a personal understanding of how Extension staff can work with farmers to improve outcomes.

"We always had Extension staff and others help my family learn how we could improve things on our farm. I look forward to helping South Dakota farmers in the same way," he said.

Clark received his master's in plant science and a degree in crop science with emphasis in agronomy from Utah State University.

To contact Clark, e-mail him or call 605.688.4395.