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Aurora County 4-H Hosts Progressive Ag Safety Day

several firefighters demonstrating tools to a group of children
Aurora County Fire Dept. showed youth the tools they use to save lives and discussed the importance of fire extinguishers.

BROOKINGS, S.D. - Aurora County held their first-ever Progressive Ag Safety Day on Sept. 19, at the Aurora County 4-H grounds under the guidance of Audra Scheel, SDSU Extension 4-H Youth Program Advisor. The program was sponsored by Agriculture Foundation, which provides education, training and resources to make farm, ranch and rural life safer and healthier for children and their communities. Scheel was trained by the foundation last fall.

Participants included 106 third and fourth graders from Corsica/Stickney, Plankinton and White Lake schools.

According to the 2018 Childhood Agricultural Injury Fact Sheet, every day about 33 children are injured in an agriculture-related incident and of those children, every three days a child dies as a result. Of the leading sources of fatalities among youth, 25 percent involved machinery, 17 percent involved motor vehicles and 16 percent were drownings.

“These facts struck me hard and when I think about the people I’ve personally known who have been affected, I definitely believe the numbers don’t lie. If we can educate youth and they, in turn, take what they learned home to their families, we make a difference,” said Scheel.

a woman speaking about safety to a group of young children.
Helen Geppert of Farm Bureau facilitated youth discussions about machinery safety and the dangers associated with PTOs.

Topics covered included fire safety, first aid, electrical safety, grain safety, seatbelt safety, the dangers of vaping and chemical look-a-likes, firearm safety, tractor and farm machinery safety and animal safety.

a woman demonstrating a black light to two children.
Caroline Hansen, SDSU Extension 4-H Youth Program Advisor, teaches participants using a black light which aids in seeing the Glo-Germ “fake germs” they missed when they were washing.

After asking permission to pet a lamb and learning about animal safety, youth practiced good hand washing skills with the aid of Glo-Germ.

a man demonstrating grain safety to a group of young children
Bruce Roerick with Agtegra led the discussion of grain safety and what can happen if a person becomes trapped in grain.
a police officer demonstrating a rollover simulator
South Dakota Highway Patrolman Josh DeWild used the rollover simulator to demonstrate what happens in a wreck when seatbelts are not worn.
two officers presenting firearm safety to a group of young people
Aurora County Sheriff- David Fink and Deputy Derek Howard discussed the importance of firearm safety.
a woman presenting about chemical safety to a group of young people
Shannon Fagerhaug, a registered nurse and 4-H volunteer, quizzed youth about chemicals and talked about the look-a-like they might see around the home. Shannon also shared a presentation on the dangers of Vaping.
a woman presenting being safe around electricity to a group of young people
Jennifer Gross of East River Electric used a realistic model to show how dangerous electricity can be in a variety of situations.
a women presenting first aid to a group of young people
Aurora County Health Nurse, Lacey Wieczorek, talked about basic first aid. Each child was able to practice dressing a wound to stop blood loss.
a man presenting a safety signs to a group of young people
Rocky Forman of Farmers Union showed third and fourth graders in Aurora County what safety signs they need to watch for and discussed what they mean.