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The Medicine Quilt Part 2: Roy Kaufman and Lois Janzen Preheim

On this episode of Home Starts Here, Joshua Hofer, former SDSU Extension Community Vitality Field Specialist, and Kara Harders speak with Roy Kaufman and Lois Janzen Preheim from the Freeman Network for Justice and Peace. They discuss the Medicine Quilt project with Wagner Horizons from the Freeman Network's perspective and explore the common themes and perspectives that brought these groups together. Join them as they learn about Freeman's work in peacebuilding, collaboration between diverse populations, and the themes of ownership and reconciliation. This episode was recorded live at 2023's Schmeckfest in Freeman, SD, as part of the Heritage Hall Museum & Archives' programming. 

We encourage listeners to listen to "Part 1: The Medicine Quilt with Margaret Doom" first for full context.

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The quilt gifted from Freeman Network for Justice & Peace to East River Horizons.

Contact Josh or Kara if you would like to get in touch with Roy or Lois.

The Medicine Quilt: Inspired by a True Story can be purchased at the Heritage Hall Museum & Archives in Freeman, South Dakota and is also available at major retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, and other outlets.