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Fit and Healthy Kids

Updated December 22, 2023

Audrey Rider

SDSU Extension Early Childhood Field Specialist

Fit and Healthy Kids is a team of Early Childcare experts from across the United States who offer online training opportunities. The programs feature diverse experts sharing evidence-based practices, resources, ideas, and the latest in research. Our goal is to foster quality early learning experiences for children from birth through 8 years old. Early Childhood classes that fit your time schedule. These classes are designed with you in mind.

Group of young children climbing on a playground obstacle course.
Courtesy: Canva

Each training incorporates some aspect of Early Learning Guidelines: Birth to five learning and development standards. There are seven domains which are: social and emotional development, approaches to learning, health and physical development, language and literacy development, mathematics, science, and creative arts. The Fit and Healthy Kids trainings incorporate one or more of these domain topics in the session and address how childcare providers can address each topic in their natural environment and daily routine.

As a result of Fit and Healthy Kids programming:

  • 82% of the providers trained feel better about themselves and the work they do
  • 3,050 childcare provider hours were awarded from October 2022 to March 2023
  • 27,852 indirect children were touched by the knowledge gained
  • Providers saved/gained an average of $103,670 per month and $1,244,040 per year as a result of behavioral changes implemented

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