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Jul 31

Precision Livestock Field School

Monday, July 31 - Wednesday, August 2

Field school participants will learn about precision livestock technologies, such as virtual fencing and precision feeding and weighing. Presenters will use case studies, hands-on deployment exercises with livestock on rangeland, and the exploration of big data processing and statistical analysis techniques to teach participants to conduct precision research or production efforts.


  • Jameson Brennan, Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Livestock Grazing Specialist
  • Krista Ehlert, Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Range Specialist
  • Hector Menendez, Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Livestock Grazing Specialist
  • Logan Vandermark, SDSU Extension Precision Livestock Field Specialist
  • Meredith Harrison, C-Lock Lead Scientific Advisor
  • Jeff Clark, C-Lock Sales Associate
  • Benjamin Turner, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Associate Professor


The registration for this event has reached maximum capacity. We understand many people are looking for hands-on opportunities to learn about precision livestock technology and we encourage you to sign up for our Livestock newsletter to be alerted about future events.

If you have any questions or need further information, contact Logan Vandermark, SDSU Extension Precision Livestock Field Specialist.