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Feb 14

Garden Hour Webinar

Tuesday, February 14

Join SDSU Extension for another special episode of Garden Hour, starting on Feb. 14, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. CST.  Join SDSU Extension specialists to learn more about trees, houseplants, indoor insect pests, produce storage and preservation, and many more exciting gardening topics throughout the "off-season". The series will provide answers for garden harvest questions and help gardeners prepare for even greater success in 2023.

There is no fee to attend, but participants will need to register for the bimonthly webinars. Confirmation Zoom links and reminders will be emailed to attendees. You only need to register once to be signed up for all four sessions. All presentations are recorded.

Register for Garden Hour


  • Rhoda Burrows, Professor & SDSU Extension Horticulture Specialist
  • John Ball, Professor, SDSU Extension Forestry Specialist and South Dakota Department of Agriculture Forest Health Specialist
  • Prairey Walkling, SDSU Extension Family & Community Health Field Specialist
  • Anna Barr, SDSU Extension Farm to School Nutrition Field Specialist