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Aug 24

33rd Annual Draper Winter Wheat Meeting

Wednesday, August 24

Winter wheat.
Courtesy: Canva

The Jones County Crop Improvement Association, along with SDSU Extension, will host the 33rd Annual Winter Wheat Meeting at the City of Draper Auditorium (Draper, SD 57531), starting at 6:30 p.m. CDT on August 24.

Registration is not required, and anyone interested in wheat production in South Dakota is welcome to attend. A meal, sponsored by numerous area businesses, will also be served prior to the program.

A long-standing and popular event among winter wheat producers, the meeting provides the most-recent SDSU Extnesion wheat variety trial results, as well as other information on winter wheat production in South Dakota from the past 33 years.


Speakers will include Dr. Romulo Lollato, Kansas State Universtiy Extension Wheat and Forages Specialist, who will be discussing his work with Kansas wheat producers to improve winter wheat yields and quality. Other speakers will include Jonathan Kleinjan, SDSU Extension Agronomist, and Sunish Sehgal, SDSU Winter Wheat Breeder. Kleinjan and Sehgal will discuss the 2022 SDSU Extension Winter Wheat Variety Trial results and other ongoing winter wheat research and breeding efforts. The South Dakota Wheat Commission and SD Wheat, Inc. will also be represented at this event.

For more information, contact Jonathan Kleinjan at 605-688-4211 or