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Communications Coordinator VISTA Member

Updated April 01, 2019

Aimee Ladonski

SDSU Extension Volunteer Development Field Specialist

VISTA Assignment Description (VAD)

Title: Communications Coordinator VISTA Member

Sponsoring Organization: South Dakota State University Extension

Project Name: SDSU Extension Growing Strong Communities through AC VISTA

Project Period: June 2019 – June 2020

To Apply: Email resume and letter of interest to:

About our AC VISTA Program. Questions can be directed to Aimee House Ladonski, SDSU Extension Volunteer Development Field Specialist 605-782-3290

VISTA Assignment Objectives and Member Activities

Goal of the Project

Increase knowledge of and access to physical and financial health and wellness techniques and resources for economically disadvantaged South Dakotans. Build capacity in the Food & Families Capstone to better assist Extension personnel and researchers in communication and social media.

Objective of the Assignment (Period of Performance: 12 Months)

Do a literature review of communication strategies from non-profits or government entities engaged in similar wellness work and put together a tool-kit of best practices.

  • Member Activity: a.Activity: Narrow topic if needed and select high quality articles or studies that are relevant, meaningful, important and valid.
  • Member Activity: b.Activity: Read the selected articles thoroughly and evaluate them. Look for patterns and develop subtopics.
  • Member Activity: c.Activity: Highlight key findings, major trends and developments that you see in the research.
  • Member Activity: d.Activity: Use these findings to develop a tool-kit of best practices.

 Objective of the Assignment (Period of Performance: 12 Months)

Using tool-kit, develop mini-trainings (15 minutes) on social media platforms, best practices for two-way communication, etc. These trainings will be utilized on weekly Zoom calls and at Capstone meetings.

  • Member Activity: a.Activity: Choose topics for 10 mini-trainings. 
  • Member Activity: b.Activity: Develop content for 10 mini-trainings.
  • Member Activity: c.Activity: Schedule mini-trainings with group call organizers.
  • Member Activity: d.Activity: Execute the mini-trainings.

Objective of the Assignment (Period of Performance: 12 Months)

Develop survey for external partners regarding preferred communication methods, marketing, and programming needs. Analyze survey results and share results with the team.

  • Member Activity: a.Activity: Develop survey.
  • Member Activity: b.Activity: Administer survey with help from Capstone team.
  • Member Activity: c.Activity: Analyze survey results.
  • Member Activity: d.Activity: Share results with team.

Objective of the Assignment (Period of Performance: 12 Months)

Develop and execute a social media campaign to develop awareness of various programs within Food & Families Capstone.

  • Member Activity: a.Activity: Develop social media campaign for a specific program or specific Wellness Coalition activity. This may include some travel or on-site coordination.
  • Member Activity: b.Activity: Execute the social media campaign.
  • Member Activity: c.Activity: Develop a form of evaluation such as using analytics to see if engagement increased as a result of the campaign.

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