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Tracey Erickson

SDSU Extension Dairy Field Specialist


SDSU Extension Watertown Regional Center
1910 West Kemp Avenue
Watertown, SD 57201-3048

To work with learning communities within the dairy industry providing expertise and resources to address the needs of the dairy industry.

Also by Tracey Erickson

Skidloader outside being used to turn compost pile.

Guidelines for Livestock Carcass Disposal in South Dakota

Everyone who works with animals tries their best to keep all animals alive. In turn, they also know there will always be normal mortality. Proper carcass disposal is crucial in preventing the spread of disease and protecting the environment.

Two producers inspecting a dairy barn.

Emergency Preparedness on Dairies

Being prepared for an emergency on your dairy can significantly improve recovery time from an unexpected incident.

A manure pit in a dairy facility.

Understanding Manure Storage System Safety Risks

Many producers know and understand the risks associated with confined manure handling systems, but accidents and deaths still occur because unwarranted risks are taken as manure is being handled and removed from the systems.