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Claire Roudabush

SDSU Extension 4H Youth Program Advisor - Hamlin & Kingsbury Counties


SDSU Extension Hamlin and Kingsbury Counties
PO Box 268, 300 4th St
Hayti, SD 57241

Mary Claire supports the citizens of South Dakota in her role as SDSU Extension 4H Youth Program Advisor - Hamlin & Kingsbury Counties based in DeSmet.

Also by Claire Roudabush

A blanket, book and cup of hot tea arranged on a sofa.

Self-Care for Youth and Families

Self-care is so essential for all individuals, young and old, to partake in regularly. Often, self-care gets placed on the back burners during our regular daily lives with our vast, jam-packed schedules. We get so wrapped up in our go-go-go routines and forget to take time for ourselves until we absolutely need it to continue onward.

A mother and two daughters pulling sleds through an open field.

The Value of Holiday Experiences

More and more people are changing how we give presents. Instead of focusing on the price tag, they are focusing on the experience of the gift. Here are a few options that are inexpensive and often more valuable than anything money itself can buy.

a happy mother, father, son, and newborn together on a bed.

Teaching Youth to Have Gratitude

Gratitude is often seen as a powerful emotion tied to positive health and wellness for both the individual and the community. Research shows that youth who demonstrate gratefulness are usually happier and more satisfied with their lives, friends, family, community, and selves.