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Amanda Bachmann

SDSU Extension Pesticide Education & Urban Entomology Field Specialist


SDSU Extension Pierre Regional Center
412 W Missouri Ave
Pierre, SD 57501

- Commercial and private pesticide applicator certification and training
- Pollinator conservation and outreach
- Urban entomology extension: bed bugs, mosquitoes

Also by Amanda Bachmann

A pasture containing a mixture of grasses and alfalfa.

Start Scouting for Grasshopper Activity in Crops and Grasslands

Most of Eastern South Dakota is experiencing very low grasshopper populations. However, this is not the case for many areas in Central and Western South Dakota.

Left: Bird cherry oat aphids. Right: English grain aphids.

Aphid Populations Are Starting to Show up in Corn

Small populations of aphids are starting to show up in corn fields, which could be problematic if the populations continue to grow. During dry seasons, they can have a greater impact on corn.

Green leaves with notches along the edges

What Is Feeding on My Lilac Bushes?

There have been multiple reports of mysterious defoliation occurring on lilac bushes.The defoliation is often described as notches showing up around the edges of the leaves, resembling the edge of a saw blade.