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Two yellow combines on the horizon in a soybean field

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Fall pasture with cool-season grass greening up throughout.

Fall Grazing: A Cautionary Tale

It is very tempting to graze new, green cool-season grasses when pastures are dry most of the summer. However, caution should be taken to not overgraze this green-up.

A woman with long brown hair smiles at the camera

SDSU Extension welcomes new beef nutrition specialist to Sioux Falls office

South Dakota State University Extension is pleased to welcome Madison Kovarna as a new Beef Nutrition Field Specialist.

Bacterial soft rot on tomato fruit.

Bacterial Soft Rot

Bacterial soft rot is a common disease that can occur in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Learn how to identify and manage it before it impacts your harvest.

a man in a suit and tie smiles for the camera

SDSU Extension welcomes new soil health expert to Watertown office

South Dakota State University Extension is pleased to welcome Hans Klopp as a new Soil Health Field Specialist.

Variety of healthy foods laying over a chalk illustration of a human brain.

Better Brainpower Through Your Diet

Did you know that diet can play a vital role in supporting brain health? Learn about some common brain-boosting foods and beverages that you may already have in your fridge or pantry!

Two Saxon Merino rams grazing pasture.

Boosting Ram Nutrition for Optimal Breeding Success

Around breeding time, nutritional considerations tend to lean towards the ewes, but what about rams?

Further Reading

sun rising over South Dakota field

South Dakota Pest Management Guides

The South Dakota Pest Management guides are now available for free. The guides offer recommendations for controlling weeds, insects, and diseases in a variety of South Dakota crops.

stack of coins with faded chart lines showing in the foreground

South Dakota Agricultural Land Market Trends

The 2023 South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension Farm Real Estate Market Survey is the 33rd annual survey of agricultural land values and cash rental rates by land use and quality in different regions of South Dakota.

man holding a small pile of soil in his hands

Fertilizer Recommendation Guide

SDSU Extension fertilizer recommendations are based on field research in South Dakota and neighboring states.

A low-gradient prairie river that is very meandering.

Understanding Western South Dakota Prairie Streams

This document provides information and guidance for landowners and land managers in western South Dakota who are managing small intermittent streams.

Upcoming Events

Two youth biting into an ear of corn
Sep 18

South Dakota Crunch Off

The South Dakota Crunch Off is an annual statewide event to celebrate local produce and farm to school by crunching into any South Dakota grown fruit or vegetable.