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Tractor cutting corn for silage

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Walking in the fall

October is great for walking – temperatures are crisp & the colors are remarkable. Throughout the month of October, SDSU Extension is challenging South Dakotans to soak in the gorgeous colors of our state and make walking a top priority. 

Current physical activity guidelines recommend that adults get 150+ minutes of aerobic (walking, biking, swimming, etc.) physical activity each week. Participating in this month-long walking challenge is a great way to focus on meeting the guidelines. 

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Latest Recommendations

Color-coded map of South Dakota indicating the fiftieth percentile, for first fall occurrence of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. For assistance reading this graphic and data set, please call SDSU Extension at 605-688-4792.

First Fall Frost Dates

The first fall frost often marks the end of the growing season, and many garden plants may not survive the freezing temperatures. Learn about some available tools we can use to predict the first fall frost dates around the state.

Installing weather stripping around a window.

Save Money by Winterizing Your Home

Fall is the perfect time to begin preparing your home for colder winter temperatures and the higher energy costs that come with them. Learn some expert tips for preparing your home today!

Cubes of lean venison on a plate.

Canning Wild Game

The process for canning wild game is very similar to preserving domesticated animal meat, and it provides a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy wild game well past its hunting season!

Bison grazing rangeland.

Are bison amenable or non-amenable? How does the definition of bison affect harvest systems and quality of meat and carcasses?

While status of bison as an amenable versus non-amenable species seems confusing and complex, there are associated benefits and consequences for each definition.

Rain gauge on a fence post along a well-managed rangeland area.

Five Range Management Principles: #5 Climate Ready

Understanding your ranching system is critical, and identifying anticipated soil-plant-animal responses during periods of dry, wet, or normal conditions will enable you to develop climate-ready practices. Learn how to get started today!

Leaves clogging stormwater drain.

Urban Stormwater Systems and Leaf Litter

Leaf litter can be a significant source of organic debris to urban stormwater systems during fall rain, which can mean nutrient spikes in the receiving bodies of water. Learn some expert tips for managing leaf litter this fall.

Featured Programs

A rancher inspecting a sample of alflafa in an open range.

Agriculture Behavioral Health Voucher Program

The voucher program provides funding for free mental health counseling services to farm families.

Canning supplies arranged on a kitchen counter.

Home Food Preservation Self-Study Course

This course provides research-based information on food preservation.

a woman using a laptop to join a video meeting with other people

South Dakota Remote Works

The South Dakota Remote Works program is designed to equip workers with the tools and skills needed to work from home as a remote worker, freelancer, or entrepreneur.

Further Reading

sun rising over South Dakota field

South Dakota Pest Management Guides

The South Dakota Pest Management guides are now available for free. The guides offer recommendations for controlling weeds, insects, and diseases in a variety of South Dakota crops.

stack of coins with faded chart lines showing in the foreground

South Dakota Agricultural Land Market Trends

The 2022 South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension Farm Real Estate Market Survey is the 32nd annual survey of agricultural land values and cash rental rates by land use and quality in different regions of South Dakota.

man holding a small pile of soil in his hands

Fertilizer Recommendation Guide

SDSU Extension fertilizer recommendations are based on field research in South Dakota and neighboring states.

A low-gradient prairie river that is very meandering.

Understanding Western South Dakota Prairie Streams

This document provides information and guidance for landowners and land managers in western South Dakota who are managing small intermittent streams.

Upcoming Events

A young woman eating a green apple while watching the sun rise outside her window.
Sep 26

South Dakota Crunch Off

The South Dakota Crunch off is a statewide event anytime between September 26 and October 7, 2022 to celebrate local produce and Farm to School by crunching into any South Dakota grown “crunchy” fruit or vegetable.

Walking in the fall
Oct 01


Throughout the month of October, SDSU Extension and its partners are challenging South Dakotans to soak in the gorgeous colors of our state and make walking a top priority.

Garden at the SDSU Specialty Crop Research Field-South
Oct 04

Garden Hour Webinar

Garden Hour will return with as a limited series during the fall and winter months!

Eastern South Dakota Water Conference participants.
Oct 12

2022 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference

The 2022 Eastern South Dakota Water Conference will be held on Wednesday, October 12, at the McCrory Gardens Education and Visitor Center in Brookings, South Dakota.