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Sunflower Hybrid Variety Trial Results

Written collaboratively by: Febina Mathew, Nathan Braun, Paul Okello and Ishani Lal

In 2018, oilseed hybrid sunflower trials were planted at five locations in South Dakota (Gettysburg, Lantry, Fort Pierre, Onida, and Presho). Entries in the oilseed sunflower trials for the five locations included traditional linoleic oil hybrids, NuSun (mid-oleic) hybrids, high oleic, and ConOil hybrids. Non-oilseed (confection) sunflower trials were conducted only at Fort Pierre and Onida. Test locations are indicated on the map. Lists of the hybrids tested in 2018 appear in Tables 1 and 2.

View archived reports including data from 2003 - 2017 (when available) in the SDSU Extension Publications Archive.